TMO Band Management & Working For You

Serving your Punk & Metal needs to the world..... Mark 16:15

The Metal Onslaught Magazine founder and owner of the magazine Christian Sullivan will soon be offering their services for band and artist management throughout the region of Southern California from Los Angeles and into the outer regions commencing from July/August 2020.

The native Western Australian has a background in music and management for over 20 years. Starting his career in Sales and working along side bands from South Australia for 4 years as he was a resident of the state for 13 years. Currently located in the United Kingdom Christian has mainly had a professional background in retail and hotel management with also currently working a total of 7 years in the music industry through Meltdown Music Ministries, the magazine and T.M.O Radio Show on Access Radio. Christian will be utilizing his management and people skills to create a family oriented and positive impact within the rock and hard music culture throughout Southern California and the country.

Some of the services and strengths provided by TMO Management:

  • Personal, Honest, Passionate and Approachable

  • Understanding of current industry trends and thinking outside the box

  • Strong communication skills

  • Creating gig and festival opportunities

  • Organizing photo shoots and music videos

  • Liaising for media advertising and opportunities (Reviews & Interviews)

  • Marketing on social media & media outlets

If you or your band are interested in our services and would like further information, you can email us on: or (Phone number TBC for the USA). 

Working For You

Having trouble keeping up with your band or music business? Don't have the time to keep up with everything you want or desire to achieve? As we all know we all struggle to keep up with full time jobs, family time, our personal lives and commitments that we strive to keep in balance.

We would like to offer our services to help you to get things done, when time seems to run away from what you are doing.


For this service we ask for a donation for every task or tasks given. eg. $5.00 a task or $20.00 for 6 tasks.

(The CHOICE of amount is ALWAYS yours!)

Here are some examples of what we are able to provide:

  • Social media promotions & advertising

  • Building your portfolio

  • Promoting your brand to radio & magazines

  • Using our contacts to move you in the right direction

  • Writing and sending applications to gigs and festivals

If you would like our help with anything at all please email us on