When I wrote this review, it was Christmas and in those times there's nothing more authentic than to write about a Christian Metal band. Even if they play the underground thrash/death style. So here it is, the third full-length of the band of Kilgallon brothers, however, I wouldn't be surprised if this name doesn't ring a bell for many. It's because of that those bands who admit their religion make a different set in the underground scene. Unfortunately, from this religious subgenre many people are only familiar with Mortification's work because while Steve Rowe is about to get back in track, there are many promising bands (e.g. Martyrs Shrine, Grave Forsaken, Burial Grounds) who are pushing forward themselves consciously by living up nowadays' expectations or who are very good at recalling the oldschool era.

Scourged Flesh also belongs to this group. They play a perfect mixture of thrash and death metal with some really nice guitar solos and melodies. Although, the dominating tempo is mid-paced, these solos and some parts of the album are as fast as they should be in this genre. The riffs are really catchy, sometimes they are as heavy as they were written by an oldschool thrash band, sometimes they remind me of some modern melodic death metal groups. And in the song 'Napier', they recall the Gothenburg-style too. The musicians are skilled and the instruments are well-performed except one thing: the vocal is lack of power and dynamism. If they could improve Tedd's vocal skills, the music would be more robustful. However, the clean vocals are okay – because yes, we can hear some clean vocal parts and female vocals in two tracks as well. Another thing should be mentioned because I couldn't stop laughing when I heard it first: in the track 'Extinct' you can hear a guitar solo performed by a mouth. Seriously! I cannot really describe how weird does it sound, you have to check it out! But I can tell, it's really funny, and strange at the same time with the real guitar solo after this part. I would also highlight the track 'Blood On Thy Hands' which is the best piece on this record and the last track 'Unleashed' because of the synth-based background and the atmosphere. The rest of this album is also well-written, although, some of the songs would have been better if they were shorter.

All in all, 'Welcome To The End Of The World' is a decent album with some strong moments. It's an interesting release not just because it was made by a Christian band but because it can be compared to any well-known thrash/death band with confidence. It's an entertaining and worthwhile thrash/death album with catchy parts and nice performance but if you are looking for something new and exceptional, you have to look elsewhere.

Welcome To The End Of The World - Scourged Flesh

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