The Persuaded is a high energy, Christian Rock/Metal band, Formed in Middle TN, driven by a desire to reach out to people dealing with struggle in their life, and inspiration from artists of Similar genre's. Guided by a passion to reach the lost and hurting with inspirational, yet heavy music,The Persuaded sets a goal to not only rock and deliver an engaging and energetic show, and a killer studio recording. but to also tell people they are not alone in this world and that they have a purpose and a reason to live.The Persuaded offers different styles including: Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Metalcore, Post-hardcore, ballads and Worship into their albums and live performances. 

The Persuaded formed in mid-2010. Their first Self-Titled EP released July 13th 2013. After supporting that EP for almost 2 years, they went back to the studio and recorded a professional album, with a completely new and revised sound. The album "Broken & Reborn" dropped February 24th, 2015. Recently they teamed up with Dathon Connor (Spoken, Burning Yesterday) to record a commercial Radio Single "Unashamed" expected to release mid/late 2015. 

Self Titled E.P. - The Persuaded

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