Punk is dead. Long live punk. Michael Knott has done a lot of musical sub-genres within the rock arena. This is his punk rock album (minus the last three songs). Firmly rooted in the SoCal beach and LA scene he blows off steam and has a lot of fun. And so do we. These songs don’t reach for anything deeper than what’s on their surface and they embody the energy and rebel attitude of a lower- to low-middle-class of disaffected youth often in trouble with their authority figures. Never mind that Knott was one of those figures when he recorded this… I’ve never been a big fan of punk and this album took some time to grow on me. If I want a fast, fun listen with some complaining and sarcasm but still doesn’t take itself too seriously then this’ll do the trick. The last three songs are bonus issues for Knottheads and should not be thought of as part of Huntington Beach as a proper release. Michael explains in a brief intro that he was formerly in a short-lived band with his sister called The Hightops. They were an almost throwback to a 1950’s pop band who approached their work with a punk ethic. Their songs are fun too but sound tonally different from the punk that precedes it. Knott and his sis shared vocal duties. This is yet another release that shows both the range(s) and unsettled nature of Mr. Knott.

Best description taken from an Amazon listener.

Huntington Beach - Livesavers

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