Heart Like War is an energetic three-piece Christian pop punk band from Southern California. The band recorded their debut EP The Battle Begins (2009) and previous album Party Propaganda Machine (2012) at Monkey Trench Studios in Bremerton, WA with Mike Herrera, lead singer/bassist of legendary punk band MXPX. Heart Like War’s music was also mastered by Stephen Egerton (Descendents). Mike Herrera sings on their debut single “Today I Grew Up.” Heart Like War’s newest record, Fired Up (2016), was recorded in Orange County, CA and mastered at Monkey Trench Studios. As of 2016, Heart Like War is signed with indie label Thumper Punk Records, booked for their first west coast tour that runs through CA, AZ, NV, OR and WA. The band is also appearing at Joshua Fest 2016 on Labor day weekend, a music festival with Switchfoot, Aaron Gillespie, Relient K and more! Listen to a music video here.

Fired Up - Heart Like War

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