• Christian Sullivan

The Dawn Of A Masterpiece

I have been following this band called Eric Clayton And The Nine for quite some time now.

The band fronted by Eric Clayton of former gothic metal outfit Saviour Machine. The artist has announced that the wait is almost over for the bands long awaited brand new album,

"A Thousand Scars".

A very tired, emotional and very satisfied Eric shared the news on Facebook that the band have finished recording "A Thousand Scars" and are currently being mixed by Devon Graves who is also well known for his own San Diego, California based projects Psychotic Waltz and Deadsoul Tribe. Devon is currently residing in Vienna, Austria.

"This album has exceeded my expectations, which is kinda hard to do.... But, I'm blown away" - Eric Clayton

Very thankful to the people that helped crowd fund the project at the very beginning Eric promises that the album is ready to blow your minds.

Pre orders are now available on https://www.ericclaytonandthenine.com/shop/

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