• Christian Sullivan

Svarteskerm - Illojala Till Slutet Review

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Talk about making a landing with Street Punk that you would immediately think British but, in fact these guys are from Sweden.

Svarteskerm - Illojala Till Slutet

Into the mayhem that it is your high powered Street Punk that is met with the high intensity and resolve that is found with the same heart felt angst that is brutally aware within complete total offering given to the listeners. Compact with their fast paced guitars and songs with both male and female lead singers, gives this E.P. an edge in our finer times that outdo the rest of what is coming out at the moment.

Completely sung and spoken in Swedish, gives this E.P. a element that which we don't expect but in hindsight, kicks tail with their fast moving and in your face tranquillity.

Free Download is available for all you cats and ready for an assault on English speaking folks.