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Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Rifferspock formed in 2016 in Coventry, UK. The members knew each other quite well after attending Nexus Christian Music school together.

The name Rifferspock comes from one of the ways the band described their music in the very early days. They were very much in to riffs, then mixed that with one of their favorite restaurants called Spoons. Although Rifferspoons didn’t quite have the nice ring, it got changed to Rifferspock and then they all agreed to work with it.

Line up:

Rich Taylor - Bass & Vocals

Pierre-Etienne Oppliger – Guitar

Stephen Salalila – Drums

Asking Rich Taylor about influences he mentions Rock, Punk and Metal, but with the lyrics being the most important. The Bible is their greatest influence and he quotes one of his favorite passages Cor 10:31 " So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."

Yet unsigned they have released an EP "Our Time Is Now", 2017 that comprises of 6 tracks

with lyrics about Christian life accompanied by strong steady, rock riffs.

Tracks: 1. Arrows 2. Together As One 3. Without You 4. Never Give Up 5. Meant To Be

6. Unity

The band is passionate about creating music and lyrics that provides a voice that influences and impacts peoples lives in a positive way. Ever since they started they have been gigging around their region a lot while also playing gigs in Europe and US.

They where apart of the “Blood On Our Handstour, UK 2018 alongside Vamoosery and “Waiting for Ravens” from US. Also thru this passed year (2019) the band has been touring a lot including Rainbow Rock in Sweden, Audio Feed, US, and Meltdown (Wales, UK)

I have had the privilege to follow this band since 2017, when they were still newly graduated from the university. God has been and is forming something great right in front of our eyes. Their hearts for serving God is something unique and for every Christian rock musician to take after. Their love for people are more important than them developing their own rock star personalities. They are ready to play their music anywhere God tells them to go and doing it with such a great joy and loyalty and honesty, that people will remember them and take them to their hearts. At the same time these guys are humble and great personalities having a lot of fun spreading joy and clearly enjoying what they do.

Asking about his visions about the future of the band Rich Taylor mentions the hope to get a lead singer, since the idea has always been to be an four people act. Meanwhile he does a superb job with his rock voice, bringing us vibes all the way back from the 90´s rock scene.

All of them playing in other bands, Taylor as bassist in the progressive alt-rock band Vamoosery, Salalila are on drums in indie/ folk rock band KISH and Oppliger developing a soloproject, Pepe Music these guys have really given Christian music in UK their hole hearts, often teaming up to make tours together with other Christian UK bands, like Pete 118 .

Photos by Marc Lungley

Meltdown has along the years proved to us that Christian heavier music scene in UK is alive and well. The feeling for us visiting for the first time from abroad was that we are at a platform were connections happen, witnessing the future of the scene and legends being born.

The EP can be bought at TheMetalOnSlaught, White Metal Shop and found on several music platforms.

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