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Rainforce - Review

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Even not being active for so many years yet, this band already offers an wide range of material and have the chance to contribute with something not only to the Christian Metal scene, but also to the secular one. This band started in 2016, which has to be considered pretty lately since they decided to carry the 80`s rock sound forward.

With most of the AC/DC original members now retired, this band has a good chance to build a strong fan base. As the fan I recently become, I could not help myself to share ”Rock 'n' Roll” at some secular metal communities. I get a lot of positive responses.

Talking to some of the guys during the Rainbow Rock, and again to Andy La Morte some days after the festival, they agreed with the comparison to AC/DC, admitting that the band are a huge influence on them. They also mentioned other bands like Krokus, Nazareth, Alice Cooper and Scorpions, plus also christian bands like Stryper, Leviticus, Petra, Whitecross and X-Sinner all because of their vocal sound and range.

A good introduction to the sound of this band, would be their latest single track "Rock And Roll", where they pay tribute to some of their own favorite bands, both Christian or secular.

So far they have released a full length album ”Lions Den” and a EP Rock N Roll” 2017 through Roxx Records. Line-up for the record was: Jordan Cutajar, Andy La Morte, Benjamin Mann and Matt Brand, they were joined by an exclusive and fine selection of special guests: Rex Carroll (Whitecross), Jim La Verde (Barren Cross), Rex D. Scott (X-Sinner, GX), Kevin Wright (ex-Jacob’s Dream), Oliver Schneider (Pÿlon, Exile Rd), Hämu Plüss (Bluesaholics), Philipp Rölli (High\Low City), and Philippe Kreis (ex-Disobedience) This released material offers a variety of different songs including an instrumental track ”Speechless”, where an old German folk instrument contributes to a unique sound. I believe the album will appeal to many fans of rock. The music is catchy with it´s songtitles and La Mortes lyrics are still no compromise when it comes to the question ”Are they Christians or not?”

The band has a very gifted singer in the Maltesian Jordan Cutajar, his vocal range reminds me of the singers of the secular band Kamelot, but also I have in mind that both singers of that band, the former one Roy Khan and the previous one,Tommy Karevik are Christians which is easy to hear listening to Kamelot lyrics.

Coming from some different European countries their performance and band is a great teamwork. Rainbow Rock, Alfta in Sweden was their second ever liveshow as a band.

Their line-up is: singer Jordan Cutajar from Malta, lead guitarist Michael Piranio from Germany, drummer Mätthu Dätwyler, Switzerland (replaced original drummer Benjamin Mann from Germany, for the Rainbow Rock Festival-Gig) , guitar Andy La Morte and bass Jan Thomas, Switzerland.

Studio musician Matt Brand, bass and also the bands producer, is from Switzerland .

Among the great 80´s rock sound they also give the audience a chance to soften things down, performing a ballad. Jordan's voice really came into it's peak in the last song. Giving us all a performance worth to remember. I was lucky enough to record a bit of the set which still gives me chills when I listen to it. It consisted of two songs, which was put together in a medley, with a great message. The first part of the song was taken from "The Idol" by W.A.S.P, which in my opinion, describes perfectly the fall of mankind. The second part of that medley was from their track "Shine A Light", giving the great message of hope. From this offering there also exists an older video version from an acoustic session in Malta, 2 years ago. The origins of this song is found on the album "Lion's Den".

I proudly give you this review and hope we can hear and see a lot from this band in the future.

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