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Parakletos Created an Unblack Metal Opera

Updated: Jan 3

If you feel it´s been too quiet from the ancient forests of Ostrobothnia, Finland you´re about to receive great news. Ljungeld has been not been idle, but kept writing and now getting together an Unblack Metalopera that is now being released upon the world.

The finished work consists of four parts in total to be released on EP. Each part/ep will contain three songs. After this first part, the opera in total will be released in the future.

The lyric content tells about events in the Old Testament. In the other releases different characters and different voices is to be expected throughout the songs.

"Opera Ab Aeterno I" - is part one of the four in total contains:

1. Opera Ab Aeterno 2. Satans Fall / The fall of Lucifer 3. Skapelsen / The Creation

The voices in these very first three songs are:

Ljungeld - The storyteller Smaelek - God Joel Johnson - Satan / Lucifer Emma Backman-Björkblom - The Angels

All instruments except drums played by: Ljungeld Drums: Rolf Pilve

Mixing & mastering: Sami Koivisto

A greeting from Ljungeld and the assemblage is to buy this first part of OPERA AB AETERNO digitally in order for them to be able to complete the other parts more quickly.

This EP available on Bandcamp, YouTube music, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Google play and Tidal.