• Mason Beard

Journey to Mexico: Deborah and Exousia Hire Additional Guitarist

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

Deborah and Exousia are both metal bands from down South. Ok, a little further down South. Not that far. Back it up. We're talking Mexico here. Deborah and Exousia both specialize in the black metal style, with Deborah specifically follow the Melodic/Symphonic style, while Exousia is more Melodic Death-oriented. Both bands have hired on Jedediah Martin of the Indiana-based black/thrash metal band Gøatherdr to play with them live on a tour in Mexico.

Gøatherdr was created early in 2019, as a way for Jedediah to perform with the goals of "hold[ing] fast to regenerative agriculture and see that industrial farming and messing with genetics is a treason against the Creation and its Creator."

The bands will both be performing with Immortal Souls, the Finnish death metal band signed with Rottweiler Records.

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