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Fallen - Fractured Planet Review For Dreaded Dale

I first came across these guys through an E.P that vocalist Mikey Root presented to me over Facebook to check out. The release happened to be Dreaded Dale's debut E.P. "Wayward" (2018) which gave us the Southern Metalcore experience. Since hearing Mikey's testimony with past addictions that almost destroyed his life and family has been a proven testament of his faith and strength found in God, that has encouraged many throughout the bands current two year career.

Since then over 18 months has passed since they released their first recorded outing as a band, but in October 2019 the band released their next brand new E.P. called "Fallen-Fractured Planet" through label Sancrosanct Records.

The E.P. firstly kicks off with "Kingslayer" which is the featured track of the 6 song in length E.P. Not only does it favourly mix the blends of all the core structures with death/metal and hardcore, the harmonious and flavourism textures smoothly blended with classic breakdowns and a guitar solo that was throw in for good measure that filled in just nicely.

"Stand Your Ground" sits at the height of any hardcore riff driven song that adds some Emo likeness through some of their vocal deliveries. It certainly brings me back to the early to mid 90 days. "Agape" makes you wonder whether it was the end of Stand Your Ground or the beginning some something else, we do soon find that it was the latter, again embracing the deathcore hinted metalcore sound, this song is a well rounded effort with the constant changes of directional riffs and breakdowns, lifting the quality of the song that include the clean shouting that closes the current chapter of the E.P.

"New Again" then continues the trend of their current path. With the naming of the song in itself in some ways makes me feel that Mikey is directing this more towards himself, which if you have heard his testimony then you can understand why. Anyway, the track is brutal and has great mix of faced paced licks, guttural growls, diverse breakdowns and hardcore shouts that keeps within the realms of their creative and intentional spark.

The title track is next up with "Fallen-Fractured Planet" which starts to just kick your butt. With a slower more melodic approach which feels more like a instrumental to begin with, it then begins to hit you hard with the faster guitar paces leading towards a more Black Metal riff that cuts straight through you. Musically it keeps within itself as the song progresses in a repetitive sort of manner, but a nice little addition of symphonic keys adds a nice little flavour overall.

Finally finishing off with "Hellhounds", immediately you notice the different recorded sound of the track, which sounds more like a live sound that you would expect to be recorded at a show or either a song that hasn't really been polished throughout studio time. Either way it simply is a great song focusing on the former hardcore delivery that previous bands have achieved, melodic and full of hardcore breakdowns really makes this song really enjoyable.

Overall, a solid effort from Dreaded Dale, with their songwriting skills and musicianship. I would recommend the E.P. "Fallen-Fractured Planet" to anyone in their Metalcore.

Christian Sullivan - 8/10

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