• Christian Sullivan

Earth Groans Are Ready For The Prettiest Of Things

Solidstate Records have been a big part of our heavy music culture for some time now that have unleashed some of the biggest names across our tiny planet.

When you have the likes of Living Sacrifice, Demon Hunter, Death Therapy, Underoath and more, these bands have made their way into our lives with their sheer brutal deliveries, professional sounds and pathed the way for other bands today.

Earth Groans are certainly one of these bands that are making waves in a scene that is spoilt for choice. Since signing with the label back in 2017, Earth Groans have been one of the most persistent bands that aren't afraid of hard work and touring constantly.

After two successful E.P's "Renovate" (2017) and "Rahab" (2018) the boys are ready to drop E.P. number 3 called "Prettiest Of Things" to their legions of fans this Friday 6/3/2020.

"Prettiest Of Things"

1. Gold 3:34

2. Springs 3:56

3. Peaks 3:19

4. Falls 3:26

5. Silk 3:48


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