• Christian Sullivan

Derek Corzine And His New Blood Thirsty

We don't see many Doom Metal oriented bands around these days.I'm not sure whether it is a genre that keeps to it's own or has it's own required taste for fans. With bands like Candlemass, Veni Domine, Type O Negative, My Dying Bride, Pylon and the like, we haven't really seen too much of the genuine Doom genre making a mark on today's ever receiving society.

For the diehard fans of the genre that has been rampart over the last 20 years but, really not exposed heavily throughout commercialised metal circles and new force arises in Amarillo, Texas. With founder and solo artist Derek Corzine, notably known for his brutal and popular Death Metal band Blood Thirsty and other founded projects consisting of Cosyns and Whispers Of Heaven.

About to reveal his brand new debut single from the project called Crowned In Sorrow, Derek will continue to show his musical prowess that has been noticed and more than likely will continue with his expansion throughout metal genres and artistic memoirs.

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