• Metalmira

At Home - If You Proclaim

At Home is a project by two people from two different countries who were inspired by Holy Spirit to create a band: Alina Lewandowska, I.N.D, Poland and Dave Hanson, In the Verse, USA.

Residing on opposites sides of the world, Poland and the United States, they share the same vision and passion for creating music and wanting others to be healed by The Living God. They share the desire of sharing to people how great God is, and also they enjoy making music together.

From those things in common the question arose, Why not create a Christian Rock Band? The technology of today allows for such things to happen and with God in it, music can make a huge impact in peoples lives, giving them opportunity to find Jesus Christ.

If you like I.N.D and Alinas very distinct Rock-voice and dig bands like Audioslave and Soundgarden you should really give this band a try.

Find their material on Soundcloud and Youtube: