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Nattesorg, In Time It Will Happen Single Review

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Nattesorg - In Time It Will Happen

What is it with Norwegians? They seem so happy and cheerful people, yet some of the roughest raw Black Metal that you can dig into, is created there. Maybe they just need it to be like that and have to get a balance into everything. The name of this band actually means “Night Sorrow” the name sounds dark, but yet so poetic.

Occasionally I get the idea that I have to listen to this darkest form of music. Every time I do hold my breath a bit before, inhale deeply and then I go into it. It`s something unique and sometimes like with this title, there is an roughness in the sound that I like and the text is really inspiring for Christians.

Even though this genre is not 100% my cup of tea, for those who really love this, it must must be high-quality and deserves a listening.

Since this song is put free on Bandcamp, you go and decide for yourself what you think.


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