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Saved From Ourselves review from Rainbow Rock 2019

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Saved From Ourselves Before Rainbow Rock I listened to some of their songs and also watched a bit of the band on YouTube. These guys were probably the youngest performers at the festival except for U.K. worship band KISH. Despite that they turned out to be the greatest surprises and joy during the festival.

It´s ages since I have had so much fun.

With a quite complexity of the music. I was wondering if they would pull this all of playing live. But, they nailed it! With their amazing growls... OH MY GOODNESS! Anyone attending the first moments must now be happy to have been there and heard it all live! The awesome sounds that came out of the quite young, slim built guy.

I believe those sounds woke up something primal in anyone who has at least a little metal vibe in their soul. We danced and rejoiced just as King David and his people of Israel must have done. What was also amazing was that they were not there just for their own performance. As their lead vocalist Onni Lappalainen jumped around and expressed his intense energy the same way as he did for their entire own show, afterwards he and the rest of the band stayed for the duration of the evening as they supported the other bands, as continued to express that same energy with the rest of us and maintaining that high intensity throughout the night. To compare with something secular: I use to be very much in to the Finnish band Rasmus and I´m happy to get a little of those vibes, except for the fantastic growling that really adds a wonderful spice to the music. With these hearts and attitude's like this, I believe this band has a bright future in the Christian Metal community.

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