• Christian Sullivan

Divine Martyr That Have Shattered The Doubt

I've been hearing so many more bands these days over the last few years with the melodic power metal that hasn't really been a focus for me over the years, especially since my glam metal days of the 80's and Thrash/Death Metal beginnings in the early 90's, that as being a fan over time with all genres of hard music this particular genre is growing on me more and more every time I hear it.

Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana Divine Martyr who recently have been making waves in the Metal circles abroad have released their brand new single "Shatter The Doubt".

The most notable sound that I can grab at is of Nightwish, where their melodic and symphonic characteristics have created the beauty that is expected with the band, with their smooth electronic keys and guitars that compliment the track which continues with Luke Mellinger and his majestic vocals as the ever delightful Natalie Lefevra with her slight overtones that can be heard as she overlaps with her vocal duties.

Growling vocals add the elements that really expand the song with the tightness and fulfilment of the creation of such a beast. Intertwining in such an epic sound and overall structure that completely makes "Shatter The Doubt" a song that I can honestly peak as one of the best I've heard this year.

The balance of the bands musical and vocal directions with both Luke and Natalie, we have seen some of the most authentic and creative music that has graced ourselves for 2019.

I give it a 10/10 which quite frankly. The track has over excelled with their production and songwriting. I'm certainly looking forward to the next full release.

Christian Sullivan

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