• Christian Sullivan

Frozen Ashes Rain Over the Doghouse

Rottweiler Records has been a growing label within the metal community and continues to do so, earning their place up in the label game, alongside Facedown and Solid State fame, at least in my eyes. That has been due to the fantastic bands included in their roster. With that, a bigger name in the black/unblock community has joined the Pack. Frost Like Ashes has reunited and is working on a new album, with most of the previous lineup, with the addition of Drummer Grond taking over Adonijah.

The band, who’s been around since 2001, has had a lasting impact over the black metal scene and unblack metal scene as a whole, becoming a topic of conversation for years. While not performing many times over their career, the band became best known from their live performances and burning Satanic bibles on stage. How brutal is that? That's like sticking it to the man, who was sticking it to the man.

Frost Like Ashes has been working on a new album, with the lineup of Azahael on Vocals, Sebat on Guitars, Fire on Bass, Qoheleth on Keyboards, and Grond on Drums.