• Christian Sullivan

Paying a Homage to the Dead

There’s a new rising force in the modern black metal scene. While already getting a good level of recognition, the project known as Temple of Perdition has worked hard to make their voice heard in this scene and deserve every inch of ground they gain. The band recently underwent a massive lineup switch, losing original Vocalist Benaiah and Drummer Joonas Heikkinen (Renascent, The Slave Eye, Angel of Sodom). However, their departure turned into the project's gain; Joining the ambiguous Ya'akov Nahash on Guitars and Vocals and Corey Sorrenti on Bass are Antestor and Grave Declaration Vocalist Ronny Hansen, Taking the Head of Goliath Bassist and former Crimson Thorn Vocalist Luke Renno, Vocalist Henna Ojala, and TTHOG/ex-Crimson Thorn Drummer Steve Reishus joined the project. That's not to undermine the two previous' members importance and contributions to the band, but to emphasize the established accomplishments of the newest members.

To debut the members, the band began an immediate followup to their phenomenal debut Tetragrammaton, with the EP titled Homage to the Dead. Fortunately, I have been privileged enough to listen to the new EP's pre-production version, which would make many other band's final product look pale by comparison (*cough* Mystic Winter *cough*). I have to say; I was blown away by the pre-production EP and I can’t wait for the final version.

The EP begins with the track “Betrayal of Eve”, an interesting introductory track, which is extremely eerie in tone, with violins, bells, female backing vocals, and Hansen's vocals dominating the track with a very powerful performance. There are no other instruments on the track, leaving the Guitars and Drums off until the second track. The track tells a story with a conversation which holds a heavy amount of echo and hissing to it. A conversation between the Serpent, Eve, and Adam. The track leads perfectly into the second track on the EP.

The second track, "מאסטר הכבשים" translated as "Sheep Master", is where the gloves come off. Ya'akov Nahash's lyrical writings and Hansen's delivery of the lines are fantastic. The lyrics read 'I hear a liar, speaking to the sheep. I bare the savior, your words fall at his feet.' According to Nahash, the lyrics delve into the falsehoods of Prosperity Preachers. An extremely heavy track with a fantastic performance by all the new members of the band, as well as the two remaining from the first lineup.

“Homage to the Dead” is the final track on the EP which starts slowly with a piano before the vocals come in. The track continues with a very ethereal bigger-than-life performance on the Guitars and Bass, with the Drums never changing their pace for a second. The creepy background Vocals especially add to it in an amazing fashion. The track stays slow for most of the part, with the Guitars and Bass picking up a little bit, becoming heavier over time. Reishus’ performance on the Drums cannot be appreciated enough. Hansen’s Vocal perfoamnce is also another thing that deserves a lot of credit; the Drums and Vocals are what make this track have its own identity. Truly, an amazing, amazing track.

The EP, overall, is phenomenal. Start to finish. Every new members’ performance was amazing, starting with Hansen and Renno’s Vocals, Henna’s Vocals, and Reishus’s Drums. Temple of Perdition veterans Nahash and Sorrenti both, again, give us an amazing performance. Thoroughly recommend the EP!

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