• Christian Sullivan

In The Process For New Record

"This is going to be a huge year for our band and we hope that you’re all as excited about everything as we are."

Sometimes we wait for a long time for a new record from a band we enjoy or in some cases, every 12 months which can also seem to a trend. Californian metal band Crushing The Deceiver have revealed earlier today that the band have been writing and today have started the recording process to follow up on their successful self titled debut.

"We are all very excited to show you all the progress and how much we’ve grown as a band. Not that we weren’t happy with our debut album, but this one will be head and shoulders above that one. Heavier, faster, and still keeping that CTD sound and message."

(Crushing The Deceiver, 11/3/19)

The band have echoed excitement towards their future brand new album "As We Rise" as for this next chapter of Crushing The Deceiver, the album promises to be heavier and faster than their first offering given in 2018 and also the first time that recordings will be done as a full band as they feature Grant Mohler on vocals, guitarist Johnny Rios, Carl Anderson on bass and backing vocal duties and Trent Allen on drums.

We suspect that the bands brand new album will be released and distributed through their current L.A. label Roxx Records.

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