• Christian Sullivan

Possible Side Project Emerges

The thing about music is that any musician can contribute to any project that comes their way either through friendships with other artists or bands that have such a mutual respect for other like minded artists that their craft and creativity flows within the same current that creates unforgettable collaborations that brings song writing to a whole new level.

With some of the most hardest working men in the business, Michael Feighan (Whitecross) has revealed earlier today that a possible side project with members of Bloodgood, Stryper and Chaotic Resemblance will surface in the near future. As we are all well aware Les Carlsen (Bloodgood) contributed vocal duties to a track on Chaotic Resemblance's 2018 full length album "Covenant" which saw Stryper axe-man Oz Fox produce the album for the band alongside Disciple guitarist Josiah Prince also contributing to the production of the album.

In Las Vegas, Nevada with the mixing of the older generation with the new generation rockers of in the likes of Chaotic Resemblance, then we will see a highly professional, tight outfit that will receive a lot of attention from media circles. So if this band of brothers reaches the light of day.......? Then we are up for some serious things to come.

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