• Christian Sullivan

2Minute Minor Set To Grace The Studio

When it comes to thee "Old School Sound!" I tend to get a little tingle on my finger tips as I reminisce about all the years I've been listening to music and basking in all the different genres in our household that had the full collection of Elvis Presley, Beach Boys, Michael Jackson, Meat Loaf, British New wave 80's pop, Alice Cooper, Def Leppard, Motley Crue..... I mean the list goes on.

As I look back over those many years, especially since my teenage and early adulthood, I was more into the extreme kind of metal music, but since those years I have matured and grown enough to appreciate and respect all aspects of music and the genres that it applies too, expanding the listening range to gain much more of an understanding with the creativity that many bands and artists present to us every single release that is produced.

Scottish label Zap Records have been a huge supporter of the Old School punk sound for quite some time with artists and likewise bands like Wiley Willis and 2Minute Minor with their Straight-Edge Hardcore, Punk, and Oi creative cesspool that brings absolute joy to the Punk legions of yesteryear. The band from Chicago are hitting the studio again on the first weekend of March, recording the follow up from their 2018 mini album "Blood On Our Front Stoop" with an E.P. entitled "Snake That Ate It's Own Tail" due out later this summer again on a 7" vinyl format.

Check out all new music from 2Minute Minor on their Official Bandcamp site:


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