• Christian Sullivan

Writing New Material On The Horizon

There is a swarm of Black Metal projects that have risen since Mayhem began the trend as early as 1984 and when Emperor became the first international success 10 years later in 1994. Since then bands like Cradle Of Filth, Horde, Antestor and Dimmu Borgir have paved way for bands and solo artists alike to create the formula that makes Black Metal what it is today. In some aspects not many bands have had the longevity that they have deserved with a saturated genre.

Frost Like Ashes is one of those bands that seems to stick around and keep creating madness wherever they go. Sebat has just announced that the band will be in beginning stages of writing brand new material for a brand new album with current vocalist Azahel, Fire (Elgibbor) on bass duties, Sebat on guitars and new beat master Grond on drums as well as key specialist Qoheleth.

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