• Christian Sullivan

Sacrificium, Ready To Fire!!

Throughout the band's long history beginning in 1993, the Death Metal band hailing from Stuttgart, Germany, Sacrificium have suffered through many line up changes over the years as the band prepares to release their follow up E.P. "The Avowal Of The Centurion" in early 2019. Since their last full length outing "Prey For Your Gods" (2013) on Whirlwind Records there are also plans for a full length album in 2020.

The band have since released their brand new single in support of their brand new E.P. called "Trivial Coincidence" while the band shares information for the E.P. which can be found on their official Facebook page www.facebook.com/SacrificiumOfficial/

If you have never heard of Sacrificium then check out their single "Worship The Grotesque" taken from their last full length "Prey For Your Gods". We look forward to what these guys will deliever over the next 12 months.

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