• Christian Sullivan

Reserction New Digital E.P. Released

Updated: 5 hours ago

When it comes to heavy music I'm very open minded, I love and respect all facets of so many genres and sub genres which tends to have such a glut of talent in this day an age, which quite frankly it's almost impossible to keep track with everything that shows it's face within hard music circles.

The Bearded Dragon Productions are introducing to us such a diverse and unique world in it's entirety, which I see as the next wave of metal and heavy music in turn which has been available to us since the coming of Industrial and Nu Metal quotas. That being said the new music from Jeremy Finney, the mastermind of Reserction and his newest release "Brutal Monotony" which from first listen was intrigued by the dark entity with brooding electronic landscapes that I believe is a step up in this electronica world and blending the quality of metal at the same time. Due to timing, I think this will E.P. will introduce us to a whole new level.

You can check it out for yourself via Bandcamp. https://thebeardeddragon1.bandcamp.com/album/brutal-monotony

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