• Christian Sullivan

Guardian Back In Action

I've been around the rock/metal scene for quite some time now and over these many years of being a fan of hard music, one band that has always stood out to me is Guardian. I was first introduced to Guardian and their music back in 1993 with their commercially successful full length album "Miracle Mile". With their groove, melodic driven licks by Tony Palacios, hard hittings of Karl Ney, directional musicianship of David Bach and the powerful rasp vocals of Jamie Rowe.

Since then, hit albums "Buzz" (1995) a personal favourite and "Bottle Rocket" (1997) continued the success with the band at a time where classic hard rock and metal were taking a nosedive in popularity and in a time of major transformation, with many sub genres of the hard music culture were being created and expanded.

Well, for all you fans out there, Guardian are back after a long hiatus, rehearsing and gearing up for what is going to be a great 2019 for all. At a time where bands of yesteryear are making a come back, briefly Bride, Deliverance, No Fear, Once Dead (Vengeance Rising) have excited us all with their comebacks. Guardian certainly are a band not to be held down for too long.

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