Ministries We Directly Support 

Meltdown Music Ministries U.K.

Meltdown Music Ministries has been active for over 30 years in the United Kingdom. Sharing and advancing the Gospel through a Retreat once a year filled with Teaching, Fellowship, Encouragement, Prayer & Bands. The Longest running Christian Heavy Music event in the world. Providing a place for Christians and the unsaved who don't know Jesus to hear God's word and experience the move of the Holy Spirit in the Heavy music scene. 

Christian Metalheads International

With a Facebook group size of over 11,000 members, Christian Metalheads International is the fastest growing Christian Metal movement in the world. The main Leaders Henrik & Jeanette Larsson have been taking the Gospel into all the main secular metal events across Europe armed with Metal Bibles and awesome Christian Metal music. With a heart for the unsaved they are joined by Johannes & Ulrika Jonsson (Metal Bible) they continue to work with communities locally in Sweden and abroad.

LightShine International Ministries

Sardonyx frontman Tom Denlinger founded LightShine International Ministries after his time with Sardonyx. This ministry works with the Alaskan Native's to bring Jesus to their culture. With a passion for Jesus and the natives of Alaska, Tom is doing a wonderful work in Alaska sending teams to help build communities and sharing the Gospel. Also Sardonyx are back as our Father has directed Tom back to the metal communities with most of the founding members of the band.  

Lightshine Alaska


Sanctuary Germany - Ray and Patti LeGrand

I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Ray LeGrand at Meltdown in May 2017. I have known Ray & Patti mainly via Facebook, but after spending some time with Ray I have come to know his heart for the German people. Former C***** sufferer and listening to God's call to Hamberg, GermanyRay and Patti are working with immigrants, the homeless and Metalheads. Patti is also working with the prostitutes in the city to share Jesus with them. I have such a love for these guys and I know that it's God's will for them to be in Hamberg. They are Field Workers for the All Nations missionary group, so if you feel to contribute to their ministry please gift on this website. Please note: Make sure you say "Field Workers Ray and Patti LeGrand" in the comments box.

Forkster Music Promotions - Your Music Matters

My great friend Timothy Forkster has an Independent music website dedicated to all Independent Music based in the U.K. Mainly secular music at best, my Christian friend needs your support.